leadership trainingThe potential success of any organization lies on its leaders, whether it is a government agency, a non-profit organization, an enterprise, a small business or a sports team.

Every organization must have a vision, a mission and goals and a leader must provide the guidance through the path to success.  The continuous changes to industries, markets and politics as well as globalization make this path difficult to design leading to a challenge, decision making under uncertainty; thus, the potential resistance to change.

Let us help you be a better leader.  The success of the organization you lead depends on your leadership skills.


Leadership Training Courses

TEA-001-01-ETeam Building40 hoursTo understand the basis of team building, team stages, and team behavior.
LEA-001-01-ELeadership I16 hoursTo learn to be a good leader, the needed balance between character and knowledge, and its utilitiy to lead Lean Six Sigma projects.
LEA-002-01-ELeadership II16 hoursTo know the different leadership styles and how to adapt based on your followers' needs.
LEA-101-01-ETaking Change Under Control and Leading it36 hoursTo understand organizational change, learn how to plan it, and lead the process.
SPL-001-01-EStrategic Planning36 hoursTo provide the knowledge, tools and experience to accomplish your organization's goals and mission.
LEA-102-01-ETools for Personal Development16 hoursTo provide the tools to identify and implement personal improvement and apply it to the organization.


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